Curious Cabinets explores the dreams and desires of three women through floral imagery. Alice is inspired by a confident and self-assured woman who embraces and uses technology to its full effect.

The cabinet we used to exemplify Alice is painted a shade of grey, typical during the Art Nouveau period. The floral structure is made using copper wire, ivy trails and white Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium orchids. The twists and turns of the orchids represent nature consuming the cabinet – a metaphor for Alice’s desire to overcome society’s boundaries. 

Alice is available as both a tunic or a 100% silk satin scarf.

Behind The Scenes

Credits –

Concept, Construction and Artistic Directors – Tim & Nia, LuvShifting : Photographer – Matt Sills : H&MUA – Marie Jacks : Graphic Designer finisher for print – ldmDesigns : Seamstress – Ana Espina Designs : Model – Alice Isaac : Location – Ibiza.

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