Ana is a part of our Human Condition collection, designed to reflect on the opposition of nature versus technology. All three designs combine the circuit board with floral imagery. 

Influenced by the art of Paolozzi, look closely and you will see that we have replaced some of the circuit board’s components with blue iris and poppies. Once photographed, we played around with visuals, turning the photo into a negative, then using colours inspired by the 1940s (the era we suspect the circuit board to have originated in), we created Ana. 

This print can be bought as one of our 90cm x 90cm silk scarves from our shop.

Behind The Scenes


Concept, Construction and Artistic Directors – Tim & Nia LuvShifting ; Photographer – Matt Sills : Models – Ana Espina and Kat Ali : Hair – Alain le Ray : MUA Marie Jacks : Seamstress – Ana Espina : Graphic Designer finisher for print – ldmDesigns : Graphic Designer of finished glitch image – Alice Isaac : Props – Matt the puppet maker : Assistants – Honey & Elsie-Fox : Venue – St Pauls Rd.

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